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Page County

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From the Sheriff...

“The Page County Jail does not meet the needs of inmates, staff, or public."

"It is impossible to maintain a clean, sanitary facility that provides a conducive living and working condition.”  


These are statements in the State Jail Annual Inspection for Page County over the last two decades. The building has out lived the needs of Page County. For the 14 ½ years I have been Sheriff, we have done numerous repairs with structure and infrastructure to this building.  We have put “band aids on tourniquets.” A building built in 1936 with used confinement parts has definitely served this county, but is no longer adequate with today’s standards. 


There is re-occurring rust and mold that we can treat, but not cure. With today’s inmates, the safety of the staff is constantly at jeopardy. There are repairs that would require a complete internal rebuild of the facility, causing it not to comply with the State Law of segregation of gender for convicted / non convicted inmates. 

​Lyle Palmer
Page County Sheriff

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