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Tax Impact

Determine Your Estimated Tax Impact*

The following is the tax impact of a $16,700,000 General Obligation 20-Year Bond for the Jail, Sheriff's Office, and 911/Dispatch Center project. The table is broken up in three categories, Residential (Home), Commercial/Industrial (Business), and Agriculture Land. Under each category, it is broken out in increments of assessed value (1/1/2022).


It is important to use your Assessed Value from 1/1/2022.


If your 1/1/2022 assessed value is greater than or less than the increments shown, please type in your 1/1/2022 assessed value in the respective white box and hit your keyboard "enter" button to calculate your estimated annual tax increase. Future increases in Assessed Valuation will not increase your General Obligation Bond payment.

*The tax impact conservatively includes 1.00% of interest rate "cushion" in order to allow for potential interest rate movement in the bond market.

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