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The Solution

A New and Safer Facility

A new 19,733 SF jail, sheriff’s office, and 911/dispatch center with 38 general population beds and 5 special needs cells (one bed) for a total of 12 classification areas. The proposed facility includes jail, jail services, jail administration, sheriff’s offices, patrol, investigations, and civil department. Other support spaces include rooms for interviews, evidence, records, storage, and a secure sally port.

911/dispatch center moves from aging leased basement space into proposed facility. These important public safety services will be delivered 24/7/365 from secure space designed for “mission-critical” staff and equipment.

From a safety perspective, facility design and new surveillance technologies will enhance safety by providing more effective supervision and inmate transfers will be minimized.

Impact of New Facility
The new facility will increase staff/public safety, improve inmate capacity, encourage rehabilitation, improve safety conditions and daily operations, while reducing inmate transfer costs.

Preliminary Design

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