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Inmate Capacity

The existing jail has a maximum capacity of 35 inmates. Page County jail population averages between 15-20 inmates in custody. However, on most days, multiple inmates – and juveniles – are outsourced to nearby counties because Page County cannot properly classify inmates. Classification requirements of the Department of Corrections (gender, juvenile, medical, or mental health issues, misdemeanor, or felony, etc.) also contribute to maximum capacity meaning the jail could be partially full but considered 100% full due to classification rules. Overflow inmates are transferred to other counties at a daily cost to the taxpayer, while presenting a potential liability to the County as we lose control over the care of transferred inmates.

Classification Examples


  • Minimum

  • Medium

  • Maximum

  • Special Needs: Medical

  • Special Needs: Mental Health


  • Minimum

  • Medium

  • Maximum

  • Special Needs: Medical

  • Special Needs: Mental Health


  • Juveniles with adult charges

  • Transgender

  • Co-conspirators

  • Quarantine

  • Inmates at risk of victimization/being victimized

Space and Classification Issues

  • Jail currently can only meet three classification requirements - state code requires 5.

  • No space for juveniles.

  • Two isolation cells do not meet current code.

Impact of Inmate Overcrowding

  • Transporting/housing inmates at other facilities at daily cost to taxpayers. 

    • In recent years, inmates were outsourced 450 days to other counties​

  • Impacts staffing.

  • Presents potential security risk and liability to the County.

Impact of Page County Jail Closing

If the jail was closed permanently, estimated costs for out-of-county inmate housing and transportation expenses would total more than $516,000 annually. This would be taxpayer money spent in other counties that could be used in Page County on our own facility.

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